Writing on Brainy Queen

Please note the guidelines below are for all those who are writing for Brainy Queen. If you want to become a writer or add a guest post on our site, send your pitch to owaisali.cs@gmail.com

The purpose of this article is to guide you to write articles that get accepted at Brainy Queen. Once a writer is done writing and editing the article, he should go through this article and consider it a checklist to verify if everything is fine. Once done, you can either click ‘Save as draft’ or ‘Publish’ which will show you the option to ‘Submit for review’. Writers do not have access to publish the articles, but they have access to edit the articles (read Post Publish section below). Also, before publishing the Admin/Editor may edit themselves or ask you for revisions if required.


  • Set one feature image with captions to add owner credits (see the image section below)
  • Preferably use around 2 or 3 relevant images inside the content
  • Set relevant tags (the first letter should be capital and rest small)
  • Must set primary category (and optionally set secondary categories if you think it fits in multiple ones)
  • Use internal and external links where seems fit
  • Use quotations where seems fit, formatted as a quote.
  • Must use Grammarly, it is a free and extremely useful plugin to fix grammatical errors
  • You should set a catchy subtitle in the Title Tagline field, present at the end of the article


Use 2 to 10 eye-catching and high-quality images within your content. But, please use copyright/royalty-free images only. There are many sites where you can download such images for free. For example, unsplash.com, pexels.com, pixabay.com, etc. Once you download the image, they also give you owner credits to add with the image. Copy it, and paste it in the captions so that it appears on the image as well.

I will really appreciate it if you add an Alt attribute to your images as well. They are shown when the page is loaded but the image is not yet loaded, and also helpful for those who use screen readers

TL;DR: use copyright free images, add captions and alt attribute.


Once written, add your focus keyword at the settings just below the article. We already have an SEO plugin installed to guide you to optimize the article for on-page SEO. Just make sure that the SEO and Readability indicators are green (Good) or at least yellow (OK).


Writers are not allowed to republish the content on Briany Queen anywhere else. Neither should try to publish content from any other place to Brainy Queen. Because Google does not prefer copied content and will penalize both sites, or the one which looks fraudulent.

The only way to republish content is to use a canonical link which tells that it is a copied version from a primary source. But writers can neither republish the content using canonical links as well. However, it will be shared only on Brainy Queen’s profile on Medium at https://medium.com/@brainyqueen


As mentioned, the articles on Braniy Queen will only be republished on Medium. By writing for Brainy Queen you consent that your articles can be published on https://medium.com/@brainyqueen with suitable publications

Hence, you can optionally suggest a publication which you seem suitable for your article. Some of the publications we like are Age of Awareness-35k followers, Invisible Illness-52k, Noteworthy-The Journal Blog-82k, The Ascent-118k, Be Yourself, Personal Growth-453k, and Better Humans. As a rough guess, you can read like 10 articles of a publication to get the idea of what type of content they publish.

If while reading on Medium, you encounter the error that the article is blocked, go through 3 Easy Hacks to View Locked Articles

Fortunately, we are flexible about Medium. So if you don’t want then you don’t have to worry about publishing on Medium or figuring out the suitable publications. We will handle all Medium stuff 😊

TL;DR: Admin/Editors will manage the Medium part, you focus on writing on BQ only


By writing on Brainy Queen, you consent that

  • You will write plagiarism free content. If found plagiarised we will never allow you to write again on BQ
  • You will use royalty-free images only
  • We can republish your content
  • Admin/Editors have the right to edit your content any time

Reference Article

In order to see the live example with all the above guidelines implemented, you can have a look at the recently published articles on Brainy Queen. For example, have a look at this one: https://www.brainyqueen.com/personal-growth/13-great-benefits-of-online-learning/

To Remember

While Submitting Draft

  • Your content does not have any grammatical errors. You must have Grammarly installed.
  • Send the URLs where you are taking the images via email or message. Required if captions are missing
  • Moreover, submit a plagiarism report in pdf of your article via email or message. You can use a free tool like duplichecker.com

Post Publishing

  • Social Media: Once the article is published on the blog, you can share it on your social media profiles
  • Forums: You can google articles related to the topic of your article and share your article by dropping your links like you can add links in comments on Medium articles or add an answer on Quora (but with some useful body as well, at least 200 words). Optionally, you can send us paragraphs of 200 to 500 words, we can use it better to market your article, like by answering from our account Quora-Brainy Queen
  • Edit: You can edit the article after it is published and we appreciate it if you do so for the following reasons:
    • To update any information
    • Add links to other relevant articles published on Brainy Queen
    • Improve article quality


As an admin, I admit that Brainy Queen has a lot to improve since it is a nascent blog. I will really appreciate your suggestions, complaints, or feedback. For any concern, you can reach me at owaisali.cs@gmail.com or contact.brainyqueen@gmail.com

Don’t worry if you miss any of these guidelines. That is why writers do not have the rights to publish an article, the admin or editors can have another eyeball to verify with the above guidelines.

Do you have any confusion, or any questions? Ask. Ask because we like those who ask a lot 😊

Good Luck