Why we should love in the first place?

holding hands-love in the first place
Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Two reasons why we should love in the first place.

  • Because science: Scientifically, the whole universe can be understood in vibration and frequency. We operate on varied frequencies depending on what we emit. We emit because of our emotions. Love is one of the stronger emotions that helps you highten your vibrations and frequency. How does it help? You attract same frequencies because technically frequency of the same wavelength can tune in with yours. In simpler words, love will generate more love to you. So you can enjoy more of it and it can continue the spiral multi-folds till you decide to stop or change emotions.
  • What else is the alternative: We constantly make a choice about what we think and thus what we feel. The other emotions are anger, fear, hate, resentment, acceptance, peace, joy. You sure can shift gears and choose as you like. Yet, if there is no much requirement of a specific emotion, choose love. Make it a default obvious choice because it is comparatively better than other alternatives.

So, technically and perceptively we should love in the first place because we can find better choices and we can make better decisions and therefore create better realities.

Originally published on Medium