10 Best Practices to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Here are simple ways to love yourself unconditionally, you should do to achieve self-goal and live a wonderful life.
love yourself
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In our life we come across different types of situations and equally if not more, different types of people. In all the buzz, we experience many ups and downs in our lives. Unfortunately, the bad experiences and people leave us devastated and unhappy. We start doubting ourselves, our abilities, and capabilities or worse hate ourselves sometimes. But, you have to remember that you don’t have to let that happen. Never. Just give yourself a pat on the back for how you have managed yourself so far despite so many challenges in life. Gradually, start working towards improving your life yourself. The first and foremost step towards happiness is to love yourself unconditionally.

 “When you start loving yourself and respecting your time and energy, things will change. Get to know your worth, and your value will go up.”

Germany Kent

Why you should love yourself unconditionally?

Sometimes a person wants other people to love and care about, but the first and foremost thing is to love yourself before others can love you. Loving and caring for other people is your choice but to love yourself should be your topmost responsibility.

For instance, if you want to become successful in life, love yourself. If you don’t want to lose valuable relationships in life, love yourself. Or if you don’t want to become dull and lifeless, love yourself. Moreover, if you want your dreams to become the reality of your life, love yourself.

Because of toxic people, you end up hating yourself? Do you think like, “why everyone rejects me or hate me”? Well, the fact is that the people who are toxic are not going to change and they dont you to do any better.

Interestingly, these haters, they’re jealous of your skills, potential, and abilities. They hurt you because they don’t want you to achieve success in life. The best way to get rid of them is to stop thinking about them and start focusing on yourself.

Loving yourself is when you start praising your personality, skills, talent, and professional abilities. Start accepting yourself—be the real one—fake personality will never fascinate you. Self-love and to love yourself unconditionally is mandatory to live a wonderful life.

10 best practices you can start to love yourself unconditionally

live your life
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“Love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself enough to grant your heart the feelings of love and kindness.

Avijeet Das

Let’s go through 10 practices that you can start from today as well. It is not mandatory to start working on each and everyone of these immediately. Remember happiness and success both are slow processes. So take one step at a time. Let’s begin

1. Stop criticizing yourself

stop blaming
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First of all, you are wrong if you have faith in by blaming and criticizing yourself will bring out positive outcomes. Blaming yourself will only lead to wretchedness and unhappiness.

Instead of criticizing, Start praising yourself, this will bring out self-confidence and sureness in you. This positivity in you will also lead to pleasure and happiness in your life.

2. Write down a journal about yourself everyday

write down a journal
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Journaling on a daily basis is a great habit and a habit of many successful people. Writing about your success and happy moments every day will bring out a positive change in you.

Sometimes our mind remembers only the bad experiences or failures. To overcome that, journaling is a great way to capture happy moments. You can choose to write in a personal diary or online, whatever you prefer. Also, this is for you only so it is not necessary to publish it or show it to anyone.

Whenever you are comfortable with it, you can choose to write in the morning about the previous day. Or you can write at the end of the day.

What to write

  • You can write 3 unique things that you are grateful for daily, no matter how subtle. A family, a health, friends everything counts
  • Also, you can write down 4 to 5 lines about your all day achievements and blessings.
  • Or you can write about 3 good things that happened on your previous day.

By doing this you will judge yourself easily by bringing out positive aspects of your life every day. After some time, down the road, you will have a collection of a lot of happy moments to reflect upon and smile.

3. Set healthy boundaries in your life for those people who pretend to be friends

set healthy boundaries
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Negative people cause great damage. Unfortunately, they are a source of sadness and unhappiness in your life. They ignore, humiliate, dump, manipulate, abuse, and whatnot. No matter how much you try those negative people will never be loyal to you. So stop trying.

Get rid of them as soon as possible and set healthy boundaries in your life for those people. It is highly recommended to consider it as one of very very important steps to love yourself unconditionally.

4. Start taking care of your body

do daily exercise
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To love yourself unconditionally the first and foremost thing is to start taking care of your body. Do healthy exercise daily. By doing this, you will feel a great change in yourself. Remember what we learnt in schools?

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

The people around you will also be inspired by your hard work and dedication. It will also bring a positive change in your body’s metabolism.

5. Past mistakes are simply bad experiences

forgive yourself
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Correspondingly you have to forget your past mistakes and start thinking about your future. Stop blaming yourself for just little things.

After all past mistakes are simply an unwell experience of your life to learn from and move towards a brighter future. Don’t hold on to those mistakes for very long. Learn the lesson and don’t repeat them again in your future.

But, what if you do repeat past mistakes? Can you hate yourself now?
Ans: Never

You have to learn the lesson again, figure out what went wrong. And stand up and start again, champion.

6. Follow your dreams

follow your dreams
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If you want to become a successful person in life, you should have to start following the dreams of your heart. Make a goal and start doing full efforts to achieve it.

Don’t compromise on your dreams, many hardships will come in your life but you should have to fight those adversities to achieve your goals.

7. Be kind and helpful to others

be kind to others
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Doing positive deeds in life will make you feel better and comfortable and provide you inner peace because Real Happiness lies in practicing compassion. Start helping others. Show respect to your elders and be kind to your friends, children, and poor.

Developing a friendly environment will make you more lovable to the people around you. This change in yourself will bring out positivity in your life and you start loving yourself unconditionally.

8. Start talking to yourself in mirror

do the mirror work
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Make sure you are not among those people who have stopped watching themselves in the mirror (without realizing it). It is a great sign that you are not happy or you do not love yourself. So make the habit of watching yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. Watching or even talking to yourself in the mirror is a very effective technique to love yourself better.

Do the mirror work daily and start talking to the most beautiful friend of your life. Tell yourself that you are the most wonderful person and you will achieve everything in your life.

Repeat these lines daily and also praise your personality. Talk about your good and bad habits and try to convert the bad sector of yourself into a good one. You will start making yourself better and better daily.

9. Try to accept yourself

accept yourself
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Another important aspect to love yourself is to start accepting yourself for who you are. Accept your successes and failures. Embrace your strengths and start working to overcome your weakness into your strength.

For example, if you are scared of public speaking try to talk to random people. I know this is your weakness but you can overcome it by working on it. Same you can do to overcome many other weaknesses.

People around you will demotivate you but one day they’ll praise you by seeing your hard work and dedication. This is all done by accepting yourself.

10. Do things which you love to do

love yourself by doing what you want to do
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This is your life. So it’s your responsibility to make it beautiful and attractive. Live it according to yourself. Without a doubt, make it wonderful by doing things which you love

If you love to eat food try different cuisines and dishes. You love to spend time with friends, arrange/suggest/join get-togethers. If you love to travel, do it.

So far we saw that the journey of self love starts by taking small steps one at a time.


In this stressful world, a person can easily get lost. Of course, everyone desires to have a pleasant life. Not to mention it does not start with fame and riches, it starts with loving and accepting yourself for who you are first. In this article, we provided you the simple steps you can take to move you towards accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. I am sure if you practice them in your personal life you will start seeing much better changes in your life.