13 Great Benefits of Online Learning

Taking online classes is not as difficult as it might sound. Just understand the basics and you can enjoy the benefits of online learning
benefits of online learning over conventional learning
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According to statistics, with covid19 around 1.2 billion students from all over the world were forced out of their schools. Soon after the first case of coronavirus was reported, the educational institutions were closed.  So, the educational institutions came up with an alternative. This resulted in the transition from traditional to online classes. Initially, the system encountered some issues. The students and teachers both had problems while learning the system as expected. The technology for them was new. But over time the transition from traditional to online learning has proved beneficial. The people understand that even if there was no Covid19 the benefits of online learning are far better than conventional learning. Sooner or later, just like everything the education was going to be shifted online. Covid19 speeded up the process.

There are many benefits of online learning for adults, students, and employees. Some of them are listed below.

1. Learning New Mode of Education

The online classes are demanding the students to work with new online technologies and systems. Hence, they are understanding, how different technologies work. Because there was a rise in the downloads of Zoom and Google Classroom, and several others. These apps were certainly around before the pandemic but the majority of the people didn’t know about them. During this pandemic, when the educational institutions shifted to online learning, students, as well as the teachers, began to learn the new systems. The teachers gradually learned (and still learning) how to work on new technologies and gadgets. These skills can prove very beneficial for students when they step into their practical lives.

You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it

Seymour Papert, MIT mathematician, educator, acomputer scientist.
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2 Preparation for Practical Life Ahead

Currently, nearly all companies are using some online tools to collaborate, communicate, and even run their entire businesses. It is the norm in the many companies pre covid as well. This means that even a large number of companies and their employers are capable of working remotely and in distributed hours as well, and it is only possible because of today’s technologies. Hence, it is also one of the benefits of online learning that the exposure and practice of these tools will give an edge while job hunting and will be helpful in professional life.

3. Recorded Lectures

The students have access to the recorded lectures of their teachers. Whenever they face any difficulty, they can just open up the recorded lecture and listen to it again. This will help in understanding the points better in case anyone didn’t understand well in the lecture or missed it whatsoever reason. To understand the concepts that could not be cleared during the online class, the recorded lectures are advantageous. Everybody has all access and nobody feels left out.

4. Geographical Flexibility

With the rise of cases in the world, the foreign students were asked to go back to their countries. For instance, the USA, the world’s most popular country for education, on the rapid increase in Covid19, implemented travel bans, and asked the foreign students to go back to their countries. The new method of teaching was online-only. Hence, it is one of the great benefits of online learning that the students were able to continue with their education without any problems. Without online learning, it would not have been possible.

5. Cost-Effective

 This is another benefit of online classes. You can save a lot of money which you had to pay for transportation, stationery, books, and other expenses. When you are studying from home, you do not need most of this stuff. The only thing you will need is a good internet connection and a computer. You won’t have to pay extra charges. In online classes, all the material and required tools are available online, which makes it convenient for everyone.

   Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce

Jack Messman, former CEO at Novell Cambridge Technology partners

6. Better Teacher-Student Interaction

The interaction between the teachers and the students has improved. Students can now email, chat, or call a teacher during office hours when they face any problem. This was not done in the traditional method of classes. The communication gap between the students and the teachers is diminished. This is creating a more engaging environment hence better learning of the students.

7. Building Confidence

Learning online, taking assignments, and conducting exams are all building new levels of confidence. The online classes follow the format of the video conferences. The students are gaining confidence to ask questions and to give presentations in front of everyone online. As mentioned earlier as well, this confidence will help them when they have to give online presentations at conferences when they are in their practical lives. Especially if a student wants to go into the business-related or IT field, or any other field for that matter.

8. Faster Than Conventional

One of the most important benefits of online education is that it is 10 or 100 times faster (if implemented properly) than conventional methods of teaching. Most of the educational institutions were able to immediately transition to online classes without many hurdles becuase there is not much issues of hardware or resources. Also, a lot of things can be automated like attendance, assessments/scoring, and managing assignments, etc. hence saving a lot of time and efforts for both teachers and students

9. Introduction to Important Tools/Platforms

For instance, with the introduction of Learning Moodle, students didn’t know much about it but they are slowly learning to work it.  Not only in the academic field, but online classes are also a great way to learn new and important tools and platforms. Many different institutions offer online courses for learning new techniques. With the free times on their hands people are registering for new courses, they otherwise wouldn’t have taken any interest in.

10. Honing New Skills

While switching to online learning, there were some issues in the beginning but with the passage of time students are learning how to work with this. And gradually they are becoming experts in some tools and technologies which does not only provide benefits to online learning currently but also they can utilize it in long term. Like they can use those platforms to create a course and teach a topic they have knowledge about to others. This is just one example and they can find many other ways to monetize these tools.

11. Online Learning Proves Resiliency

The online classes during the Covid19 have proved that humans can deal with anything. Despite, what is going on in the world, humans are still working and trying to find their way. They are proving that they can adapt to every circumstance and come out stronger.

Adaptability to change is itself the hallmark of successful education.

Peter Hilton

12. Bringing Sense of Normalcy

During these trying times, the lockdown and quarantine had made many lonely and depressed. The way how the world was working completely changed overnight. This is a scary thing to experience. The online classes have benefited this transition. These classes are a hope for the students whose lives changed dramatically. The classes are helping them maintain their schedule. The students still have something to look forward to.

13. Building Better Future

One of the most important hidden benefits of online education that we cannot and should not ignore is that because of it we can look forward to a better and brighter future. It is only going to help the more we focus on and continue online education than the conventional mode of education. Since technology is now part of every field and domain. The better hands-on students are, the better future they can build.


The online classes may be new but they have been very beneficial. At the start of covid19, the people had no sense of direction. The online classes became a source of guidance for the students in the pandemic. The classes are providing an excellent opportunity for the students to enhance their abilities. The students can not only improve their social skills but their technical skills as well. E-learning is also proving to be more economical as compared to the traditional method of learning. All the extra expenses, that had to be paid are now waived off. Seeing the faces of the class fellows is also bringing a sense of normalcy to the students. All these things proved that taking online classes has uncountable benefits.

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