Why people who are crazy enough become successful in life?

Crazy people succeed because they’re crazy enough to believe that they are not ready to accept failure and they are not stopped by some setbacks. They believe the universe wants to help them.  It’s true that the universe really does want to help, you have to believe you’re worthy or what you desire is realistic, if you don’t believe on yourself, then it won’t happen. Crazy people don’t think much about the norms- they succeed by breaking down barriers and doing what others said couldn’t be done.

Many people don’t become successful in life because they waste their time in many useless activities. They don’t understand the value of time. And they are not daring enough to break the rules which some crazy people wouldn’t resist to do so. Here are some reasons  that why crazy people become successful in life.

They Learn from Senior Crazies

It does not matter what type of person you are, it is easy to recognize others of like mind. Crazies all over the world have begun a revolution to find other crazies. They are genius which normal people sometimes label off as abnormal or insane because they can’t see on time the charm which genius people are busy in producing. These crazy people are often the early adopters of new trends and technologies. The more you talk with them or learn about them who think as differently as you, gives you a greater chance of success. And sometimes they think of doing better than those they are studying. Crazy people are not scare of challenging other crazies.

They Hold the Ideas As A Dog Holds A Bone

Once crazies sink their teeth into something, they never let go. Crazy people become obsessed with certain problems and work day and night to find the solution. They become so engrossed that no matter how impossible a task is, they will find all the ways that can give even a tiny lead. This is the X factor that will drive a crazy person to succeed at a task that a normal person would have long ago given up in frustration.

They Dare to Break the Rules

Deviating from the norm is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, crazies understand that while rules are important, they can be limiting. And their is a whole new world of opportunities behind those barriers of norms. If you just accept all the rules and regulations set by the country, industry or the culture and you follow them without questioning, then it means you are just a normal person. And it is ok for being so. But probably you will never get a wild success like people go don’t stop manipulating, modifying or even violation those rules when the benefits are too much bigger. But they still make sure it is not something that can hurt others, that is the beauty of the crazy and differentiates them with offenders or ciminals.

Full of Energy

Normal people after getting off from the work, go home, sit in front of the TV and do nothing. They always think about how much energy they can utilize better, they want to make the most of their time. Their believe is that they have all the time, passion and energy in the world they need. They dedicate themselves to do the task and work tirelessly to develop new useful skills without hesitation.

They Are Too Foolish to be Scared

When crazy people set goals for themselves, they aren’t concerned with the “what if” possibility of failure. For them, they will find their way to get the job done. While normal people are paralyzed by the fear of failure, the crazy ones saddle up and ride anyways. To them, failure is a word with no meaning.

Think Out Of The Box

They are passionate enough about their goals that they don’t rely on trivial options only to solve a problem. Always, they will create new ways to solve a problem, which will either reduce the cost, efforts or hours. They think about how can even a current solution be optimized further to make the world a better place.

They Keep Their Minds Open to New Ideas

Once they fail in something, they don’t enter in severe depression state. They try to do it again and again using different methods. And if they face continuous failure, they keep their mind open to new ideas. They don’t think as they failed a 1000 times to do a job. Rather they call it as if they succeeded in finding a 1000 of how not to do the job. They’re stubborn about goals but flexible about methods and strategies. This behavior keeps them moving forward and leading them enjoy a dream life.

“No” Is The Most Frequent Word They Use

The word “no” is a successful person’s and crazy one’s most used word. Being focused is high on their priorities and so anything that doesn’t align with their mission is ignored. They use the hell yes or hell no response in their head to quickly decide what to say yes to. If their instant reaction to an opportunity isn’t hell yes and they don’t feel inspired by the request, then they say “no.” To do anything else would be risky to their grand plan and potentially hijack what they have dedicated their life to. That’s not a sacrifice they are willing to make, so no becomes the default response. Here you can learn: How to say no without feeling guilty


Now you know the traits of a person who is crazy enough to become successful. Remember, it is not mandatory to have a millionaire father to become a millionaire neither it requires to have a whole bunch of people to support you. If you are crazy enough you will find your way to success no matter, then only you can be legally called as crazy.

Now, let’s get back to the business to prove yourself.

Good Luck

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