Take care of these 6 Components of Health

6 components of health

Being healthy is a great blessing. A healthy person can achieve every goal of his life. If you want to be healthy and successful in every walk of life you need to keep a check on 6 components of health every now and then. If you are in the best of your health, you will be performing the best of yourself and achieving more in less time. These main 6 components are Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotions Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health and Environmental Health. They are the base of your good health and fitness. These 6 components of health and wellness complete your health wheel and you will be surely performing with the best of your capabilities.

He who has health has hope  & he who has hope has everything

Arabian Proverbs

Let’s have a look  how you can adopt each of these basic factors of health to keep yourself fit, motivated and healthy.

Physical Health

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Physical health is related to your body mechanism. it is one of main 6 components of health and plays a key role in maintaining good health. You can’t achieve a fit and fine body and life without maintaining your physical health. In order to maintain physical health you should do some exercise, sleep well-almost 8 hours a day, take nutritious meals and avoid (or keep it minimal) the health-damaging habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. To be keep yourself active, you can also get some swimming lessons which will help build stamina as well. Doing gym routinely is cherry on the top to make your health better. These things help you to be more active and healthy, which will hep you do your work more efficiently.

Mental Health

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Mental health is one of the most important aspects of your health. It relates to your interactions and mental processing and helps in health circle. It determines how you think, how your mind processes a problem and eventually how you solve it. It’s about flexing the mind’s muscles . You can maintain your mental health by thinking positively, learn to see and absorb the things from a positive angle every positive vibe in your mind will boost up the level of your mental health.  And in short if your mind will be healthy your efficiency and performance will increase exponentially. A good mental health helps to make good ideas, better steps and brilliant performances in every field of your life. The only thing which matters for a successful life is a good mental health.

A good mental health prevents you from getting stressed. It removes all negativity from you and fills your mind and soul with positivity. Overall, positivity is the crucial factor for  a healthy and successful life.

Emotional Health

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Emotional health is one of 6 components of health and wellness. It is an ability to realize your emotions as well as emotions of others. EQ or Emotional Quotient is used to measure your emotional intelligence. Know that, in todays world EQ is equally important than IQ. In fact, for leadership and management roles EQ is more important than IQ. You should be able to recognize the your emotions like what is making you happy, sad or what is driving you crazy. As well as understand the emotions of others. You smile when you get happy and usually you become sad in grief, or sometimes you become excited. These all are related to your & emotions and these emotions directly affect your mental and physical health as well.

Your mental health and emotions are correlated when you are happy it makes positive nerve cells in mind which are good for your health and when you are sad it makes a sensation of negativity and dullness in your mind which impact negative results on your overall health. So in order to make yourself fit and fine you should express your emotions instead of hiding them from others. You should learn to enjoy moments of life to boost your emotions. It also promotes your confidence level.

Social life

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Social life is all about your behaviors and interactions with other people. According to a study, social isolation is more dangerous than obesity. But remember being alone and being lonely are two different things. You can be around thousand of people and still feel lonely, the key is that you healthy and honest relationship and communication with some people even though just a handful. It is better to have interaction with a few than many fake people or having no interaction with anyone at all.

It is difficult for a socially isolated person to grow mentally. Because he may remain stuck in his own thoughts. A social person enjoys his life more because he comes in to interact with other people and learn to see things with different angles. It is one of most important component of health. And he comes to know the different ideas of different people. A social person learns how to deal with different kinds of people, which starts improving his personality and his attributes to be best in society and these all motives are related to human fitness and wellness. So a good social life leads to a healthy and positive life. As commonly we hear this slogan:

Be positive, Be happy

Spiritual Health

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Spiritual health is all about your beliefs. It plays a vital role among your 6 components of health and for a happy life. Having a spiritual health means having a sense or proper guidance for a good and happy life. As well as to be internally pure and clean from your soul and spirit. You should not have any kind of remorse and guild in your heart. You should not be under any trauma or fear as well as you should not have any inch desire of seeking revenge from someone. Being spiritually healthy, means you are internally happy and satisfied. And it gives you a sense to think about the meaning of life and motivates you to realize the reason for your existence. In short spiritual health is guidance and follows a path for a meaningful life. It helps in establishment of meaningful relationships in life. Therefore, often we hear:

Be spiritual, be healthy

Environmental Health

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In order to be in best of your health, you need to take of yourself as well as the environment around you. If we do not contribute our part then it is going to come back to us as well as other people. The Earth, water, soil and air everything includes in your environment. If you keep environment healthy, it will directly affects your health and fitness level. Moreover, your mind, your body and your soul nourish more efficiently in a clean and healthy environment. The pure water improves your metabolism, clean soil gives a sensation of happiness and healthy air boosts your mind. These all are the basic factors to keep you healthy and refreshing all the time. 

In order to keep your environment healthy you should contribute to cleaning the environment and you should develop positive relations with other people to create a good and healthy environment.


In this article, we have discussed 6 components of health that you should to take care to live and enjoy your life fully and in perfect health. It is really important that you take care of your health first as well as of those around you. If you enjoyed reading this article, you can read more here: