How to Take Care of Your Mental Health using 5 senses

Anything unpleasant received by any of your 5 senses is actually having an impact on your mental health. There are reports that prove physical changes in your brain. Conversely, we can use 5 senses to care of our mental health. You see, it happens only when an unpleasant activity comes into your perception. And your mind can perceive information only through your 5 senses.

Here are 6 simple techniques you can keep your mental state healthy and balanced.

1. Please your eyes: Going out in nature and taking a walk works for me every time because there are colors, greens, woods and flowers in my visual periphery. So take long visits to art, cinema, beauty, paintings, family pictures, videos, albums, mountains, rivers, oceans, colors, patterns etc. The longer you look at them, the more visual pleasure you receive. This is the reason why looks do matter subliminally. This is why all top actors and actresses and models are presented to you a certain way. They don’t earn on their looks. They earn on your attention that is captivated by their looks.

2. Please your ears: Listen to nice acoustic or instrumental music. Music has a stronger affect on you as compared to songs. Even in songs, it is not the lyrics, it is the background music that your subconscious mind holds on to longer than you realize. So, listen to pleasant sounds and music. Pro Tip: Avoid words or lyrics. Music without words help you perceive music more consciously.

3. Please your nose: Gardening is amazing for this one reason. Have good fragrances around you. Go buy flowers and keep it by your bedside. Or cook some great food and feel the aromas of those spices. Put on a nice cologne not for others but yourself. Room fresheners and scented candles. Your memory has strong association with smell. If you walk into a room and you smell cheese there is a high chance your mouth is watering already as if you are about to have a pizza. That watering of mouth is a physical reaction of your body towards a smell. Yeah, olfactory receptors are that impressionable on your mental state.

4. Please your tongue: Have freshly baked bread. Replace those packaged items with organic ones. Cook your meals at home. Grow veggies and spices and herbs in your own kitchen garden if possible. Give your tongue the luxury of a preservation free food item. Replace sugar with honey, sweets with fruits, soft drinks with fresh juices, ice creams with yogurts and crap with health. These are small switches that go a long way.

5. Please your skin. Please your body: Taking a cold shower. Sitting on a windy beach. Getting a massage. Applying organic face masks. Exercising and doing the activities that are good for skin and body. Do it. Do all of them. Make your skin happy.

6. Shut down the senses and put them to rest: Basically meditate or observe silence or sleep or fast. Journal to declutter your thoughts. Talk to a therapist to unscramble the chaos in your head. Take a break. And keep taking them every now and then.

Always take good care of your mental health.

Big love to all. You are bigger than what ever you are facing right now.

Originally published on Medium